$SURGE is launching as the first-ever community coin fuelling growth on Linea.
It is a movement inspired by Consensys's principle of open innovation i.e. #ETHForAll.
Great ideas are born from diverse minds collaborating openly.
This sparks a question—what if there was a sustainable way to fund Linea's growth while aligning incentives?

⚡️ We start with a village, and then scale it to a city.
$SURGE is rewarded to everyone building, evangelising and taking Linea to a place it deserves.
Like Ethereum, $SURGE is a level-playing field.

There is no presale, VCs, team or insider allocation of $SURGE tokens at TGE.
The more you contribute, the more $SURGE you earn.

As Linea adoption grows, so will the utility of $SURGE

Ethereum is for everyone, so is Linea, and so is $SURGE:
🤝 Community
🖥️ Ecosystem projects
💦 LPs
✍️ Creators & evangelists
🤡 Memelords
🗣️ KOLs & thought leaders
🏃‍♂️ Everyone else boosting Linea's growth



No presale, VC investment or insider allocation BS of $SURGE tokens at TGE.

69,420,000,000 total supply - for the culture 🤌
⚡️ 60% across Airdrop 1, 2 and 3
⚡️ 17.5% Liquidity mining & Liquidity pool (15% + 2.5%)
⚡️ 15% $SURGE Ecosystem growth
⚡️ 5% Linea builders and developers
⚡️ 2.5% Donors and future raises

Additionally there will be 1% inflation rate per year for future growth and development

If you contributes to Linea's growth, $SURGE will back you up